Hand Pallet Truck Orange

This pallet truck is our top selling truck, built for a lifetime of hardwork. We have sold thousands of these over the years, the solid construction, maintenance free rollers, ergonmic handle design and the robust pump make this pallet truck a best buy. Choice of steer wheels and load wheels.
Capacity 2500kg
Fork Lengths: 1000mm or 1150mm
Fork Width 540mm or 685mm
– Many other sizes available

Progressive Brake, Footbrake, On/Off Brake + Quick lift option to be fitted on a BF hand pallet truck
Progressive – Pallet Truck brakes operates like a bicycle brake i.e. the more you pull the brake lever, the harder the brake is applied. This type of system is also fitted with a parking brake. Available on standard, quicklift, reel handling and low profile trucks.
Foot-brake – Pallet Truck brake is operated using the foot to apply and release brake.
On/Off – Pallet truck brake is applied using the lever on the handle
Quick-Lift – lifts up to 200mm with only 6 strokes (normally 13 to 14). All BF pallet trucks up to 3000kg in capacity can be fitted with a ‘Quicklift’ pump.
– If you order a brake type and/or Quick Lift when you order your pallet truck then it will be supplied to you ready with the options fitted!

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