WLS200 Winch Lifter

WLS200 is a manual winch lifter, maximum capacity 200kg
Super Compact 4800mm lift
One piece construction – no loose pieces
Easily portable for one person operation
Convenienent handle for ‘hand truck’ mobility and to position lift at point of use
Possibility of hydraulic problems eliminated through winch operation
Coffee grinder style winch features auto-braking and detachable winch handles
Fold-out roller wheels great for rolling WLS in and out of vans
Inside-Mast Cable feed – Cable feeds inside mast, removed from the operator for safety

Pulley Guards – Eliminate possibility of load line coming off
Reversible forks – 2 plunger pins permit quick release of forks. Forks may be removed for storage or reversed for added height
Double Row Casters – Four 750mm casters permit easy handling of heavy loads, swivel independently, locakable to insure safety + allow for multi-directional positioning of lift
Compact Storage – Forks remove and legs reposition for space saving storage
OPTIONS: Steel Tray, Fork Extension, Pipe Cradle, Cable Brake

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